23 Poussin - Paesaggio con Piramo e Tisbe

Nicolas Poussin, Landscape with Pyramis and Thisbe (1651)

I have tried to represent a tempest, imitating, as best I could, the effect of violent wind, in air full of obscurity, rain, lightning and thunder, which break out in several places and produce great disturbance. All the characters play their roles in harmony with the general action. Some go through the cloud of dust in the direction of the wind, and are carried along by it. Others, on the contrary, go against the wind and walk with great difficulty, putting hands before their eyes. At the left we notice a shepherd, who runs and leaves his flock on seeing a lion that, after he has thrown to the ground certain cowherds, attacks others, of whom some defend themselves, while the rest goad on their cattle and try to escape. A dog, at a little distance, is barking furiously and his hair stands on end, but he does not venture to come nearer. In the foreground is seen Pyramis, lying on the ground dead, and by his side Thisbe, who abandons herself to grief.

Nicolas Poussin, Letter to Jacques Stella (1651)

Walter de Maria, The Lighting Field (1977)