Strange Absurdities

In the affected rage for following nature, as it is called, persons of acknowledged good sense and good taste, have been misled into the strangest absurdities. Thus, forgetting that a road is an artificial work of convenience, and not a natural production, it has, at one time, been displayed as the most ostentatious feature through the centre of a park, in the serpentine line described by the track of sheep; and, at another, concealed between two hedges, or in a deep chasm between two banks, lest it should be discovered: and such, alas! is the blindness of system, that, in a place where several roads are brought together (like the streets at the Seven Dials), within two hundred yards of the hall door a direction post is placed, as necessary to point out the way to the house.

Humphry Repton, An inquiry into the changes of taste in landscape gardening (1806)

Humphry Repton, Site at Wentworth, South Yorkshire before and after proposed landscaping


Thomas Medland’s Humphry Repton Business Card