New Era

Tanghe-River-Park-Landscape-Turenscape-2008-China-Qinhuangdao-City01red_ribbon_china_600x red-ribbon-tanghe-river-park-china-1 red-ribbon-tanghe-river-park-china-2 red-ribbon-tanghe-river-park-china-3

In a new era of multiple unprecedented challenges imposed by the processes of industrialization and urbanization, landscape architecture is now on the verge of change in the world, and especially in China. It is time for this profession to take the great opportunity to position itself to play the key role in rebuilding a new Land of Peach Blossoms for a new society of urbanized, global, and interconnected people. In order to position itself for this sacred role, landscape architecture must define itself in terms of the art of survival, not just as a descendent of gardening. The profession must reevaluate the vernacular of the land and the people, and lead the way in urban development by planning and designing an infrastructure of both landscape and ecology, through which landscape can be created and preserved as a medium, and as the connecting link between the land, the people ,and the spirits.

Kongjian Yu, The Art of Survival. Recovering Landscape Architecture. (2006)

New Era

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