Not Neutral

It has been said that we can realize only what we can imagine; but to realize what we imagine, we must convey those ideas to others as well as present them to ourselves. We use images, models, and words—alone or in combination—to conceive, study, test, construct, and evaluate new landscapes or modify old ones. Given the transient nature of most landscapes—always growing, always changing— landscape representation presents a special challenge. It is by no means neutral in a political sense or even in terms of design evaluation.

Marc Treib, Introduction to Representing Landscape Architecture (2008)

map-office-hkil-01 map-office-hkil-02 map-office-hkil-03 map-office-hkil-04

map-office-hkil-05 map-office-hkil-06 map-office-hkil-07 map-office-hkil-08

MAP Office, Hong Kong is a Land (2014)

Not Neutral

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