Plastic, Cosmological and Spatial

Does the landscape need to be linked to be present as a form of awareness? Does the body cooperate with the exterior in constructing liveable spatial and temporal coherence? It is the very possibility of our own body which makes interaction possible. Hence the question as to how my body can dispose of the landscape. The methodological elements in the present landscape didactic are: commitment, personal recognition of perception, announcement and production. The journey and experience of contours make it possible to unravel the concrete constitution of a space. Its edges will contribute as fully to its exploration as will its practices and uses. When the landscape and urban zones are conjectured as material and immaterial interrelationships of things and beings, students do not speak of objects but rather of relationships experienced within the mobility of time and the continuity of space. A means of conceiving the landscape is thus established.

The landscape is conceived of here as being a plastic, cosmological and spatial expression of the milieu affected by the bodily reality of living beings.

Françoise Crémel, A Plane of Consistency for the Landscape: the Body as a Documentary Tool (2013)

B.A.S. + Planergruppe Oberhausen, Therapeutic Park in Brilon (2015)