Bitter Pill to swallow

The concept of involvement and participation underlies this whole report. It seems central to the comments of all our consultants. Rand has summarized the point when he says, “Designed environments which are thought out. formalized, and complete are usually lifeless‘ and unapproachable because:
(a) they do not invite interaction and modification to suit immediate
human needs;
(b) they are unable to grow, develop and become extended through human use. Human habitation merely fulfills (for better or far worse) the designer’s conception of their potential meaning rather than leading to the discovery of new functions and new forms of interaction. Oddly enough [he goes on to say] many environsents which ‘work’ well for people meet few if any, aesthetic criteria ordinarily employed  by designers.

For most designers this was a bitter pill to swallow. (…) We do not seem to be able to structure the process of change. On one hand we need citizen participation; on the other the magnitude of he physical needs of rebuilding are enormous.

Lawrence Halprin, New York, New York (1968)




Lawrence Halprin, Lovejoy Fountain Park (1966)