Technical reproduction


Anselm Kiefer, Barren Landscape (1969)

The consequences of the possibilities of reproduction by way of technical engineering one will have to say that they destroy what nature once was, as was the case with art. More so than with actual nature, what we are dealing with here is the destruction of nature as one of the core elements of European culture; it is the invalidation of nature as guiding principle of culture. (…) With all due caution we can say the following: as a consequence of the possibilities of reproducing nature by means of technical engineering, everything that is nature loses its certainty through its opposite, through technique, culture, civilization, though the human realm. That means that nature, in the range of practical relevance, has to be conceived as of as itself being a cultural product, as “socially constituted nature”.

Gernot Böhme, Nature in the Age of the Reproduction by Technical Engineering (2009)

Junya Ishigami, Art Biotop Water Garden (2018)