In its essence, the landscape has no greater affinity with architecture, the art of space, than with music, the art of time.

Mathieu Kessler, The Landscape and its Shadow (1999)


To me, the art of landscaping is more closely associated with any other art. Its rhythm and its tonal qualities are as a folk song or a sonata. For a friend, I planted a group of sumac on a hillock facing the setting sun. When autumn’s frosty breath turned their leafy crowns into a flaming red, my friend called it the “Tannhauser Group” 

Local color, the expression of the environments dear us and of which we are part, must be reflected in creative landscaping and be its motive. Through generations of evolution our native landscape becomes a part of us, and out of this, we may form fitting compositions for our people. In this little world is found all that makes for a full life. Here we learn tolerance and charitableness, peace and friendliness. It is because of our lack of knowledge that we overlook this fact.

Jens Jensen, Siftings (1939)

Thilo Folkerts, Knowledge Garden at the Jardins de Métis Festival (2010)