I should like to insist once more on the theme of devastation, which is more serious in tropical countries than in temperate ones. I wish to point out that its principal effects are climatic and microclimatic changes and the destruction of a common capital represented by the fertility of the soil. The suppression of the flora and fauna and the transformation of areas into deserts is hardly a reversible process. It represents a human attack against the sources of life and a form of destruction of future generations.
The social mission of the landscape architect has a pedagogical side of communicating to the masses a feeling of esteem and comprehension of the values of nature through his presentation of it in parks and gardens. ln Brazil-where there is sometimes a suspicious aversion to local plants, a preference for foreign ones over what are considered to be weeds-l have had, over long experience, to insist again and again, against much opposition, on a fuller understanding of the importance of our action and our contribution to changing the public’s mentality. We should show that someone was worried about leaving a valid aesthetic and useful legacy to those who come after us.

Roberto Burle-Marx, Gardens and Ecology (1987)

Roberto Burle-Marx & Oscar Niemeyer, Ibirapuera Park (1954)


(Header: Image of one of the 2019 Amazon rainforest wildfires (see Wikipedia Report))