Discovery and Revision

Each vision of a landscape is in reality a discovery and a revision or a landscape it is never complete and comes to us after many readings to head another incomplete series.

We could say: “He also thought to identify planted trees that he would not be able to name, because of his direct knowledge of the campaign was glutted inferior to his knowledge and nostalgic and literary“.

The landscape appears like a field of tensions between individuals and collective aspirations, like a place that generates an, alphabet to express and where to find a point of view. For some, landscape only existed and exists in paintings, the photographies or texts that taught them how to represent it. However, the beauty of landscape in some way is redundant for having something unforgettable; it melts unconsciously in the collective and individual memory.

Rosa Barba i Casanovas, Arguments for the Landscape Project (1995)

Jordi Bellmunt + Agata Buscemi + B2B Arq, Salou Long Beach (2001)